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Biden Launches Re-election Campaign


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Apr. 25 2023

U.S. President Joe Biden officially launched his re-election campaign Tuesday, appealing to voters in a video to grant him more time to "finish the job" his administration began two years ago.



Apr 25, 2023 #JoeBiden

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Woo hoo! Biden announces

Scott Johnson

Apr. 25 2023

President Biden apparently couldn’t be trusted to announce his bid for reelection in real time. The guy is a very old 80 years old. He makes 80 look like the new 100.


Instead, Biden’s handlers in the daycare operation at the White House have contrived to make the big announcement via video. Consistent with the early years of the Biden presidency, one might apply the rule of opposites to the statements made in the video. Every statement his handlers have given him to make is a lie or something like it.

“The question we are facing is whether in the years ahead we have more freedom or less freedom, more rights or fewer,” he says in the video. On its face the statement isn’t a lie, but the implication that he will deliver “more freedom” is a joke — as is every other such statement in the video. At about 2:15, to take a graphic example, the video depicts Biden as a man of youthful vigor. Taken as a whole, the video is (to borrow the cliché) Orwellian.


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The Narrative Speaks.

Biden's never-Trump campaign for '24
Hans Nichols

Apr. 25 2023

President Biden's re-election launch video opens with grainy footage of the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol, with Biden warning that "MAGA extremists" want to take away American's basic freedoms — and then promising to protect them.

Why it matters: Biden friends think he might've retired if he thought Vice President Harris could beat former President Trump. But Biden sees Trump as a lethal threat to America — the reason to run and the issue to build his campaign around.

State of play: That dynamic will lead Biden, 80, to seize every opportunity maximize his presidential stature and dwell on his differences with Trump — using what he calls "MAGA Republicans" on Capitol Hill as a handy proxy.



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Whose Children Are They?

John Hinderaker

April 25, 2023

In recent years, it has become increasingly clear that the Left hates families and essentially wants the state to raise our children. Thus the anti-parent orientation of the public schools, the attempt to use the FBI to label parents who are concerned about their children’s education as “domestic terrorists,” the appalling practice of changing kids’ names and “genders” without informing parents, and so on.

As usual with the Left, the most appalling vice parades under a banner of superior virtue. Thus, replacing parental authority with the power of the state is spoken of warmly, as if it were a good thing. We have seen this from a number of liberals, most recently Joe Biden. Via InstaPundit:


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The Daily Beast

Joe Biden Is Old. Get Over It. HE’S DOING THE JOB

The oldest president ever is in better health than many presidents, and has greater medical and wellness resources than all of them.
David Rothkopf
Apr. 25, 2023

Joe Biden is old. He has, in fact, been old for quite some time. It is time we learned how to deal with it honestly.

As Biden commences his run for reelection, multiple observers are suggesting he is too old for the office. They are worried about his frailty. Or they are trying to overstate it for political gain.


But what does that really mean? How do we put that in perspective? How should voters assess that fact in a rational way that leads them to make the right decision at the polls?


Objectively, Joe Biden was not negatively impacted by his age during his term of office thus far. In fact, purely in terms of legislative record, Biden has accomplished more in his first couple of years in office than any other president since Lyndon B. Johnson.


(You're Gonna LOVE This!)

Should Biden become incapacitated or otherwise be unable to finish his term in office, he, like any candidate, should have a running mate who could assume the office. Vice President Kamala Harris certainly fills that bill. She has extensive government experience, experience as a manager running a large state agency, experience on Capitol Hill and she has worked tirelessly as vice president on a wide range of issues of critical importance.

She has traveled the world and met with world leaders on issues from Ukraine to China’s growing influence in Asia, from Africa to the Americas, and the response of those leaders to her has been great. On domestic issues, like a woman’s right to choose or America’s gun problem, she has been a leading and effective voice. She not only aided Biden in his election in 2020 but she has vital support across core Democratic Party constituencies. Tune out the buzz of Beltway know-it-alls and recognize that among America’s recent vice presidents she is among the best prepared and most capable.


Of all the people in the United States, the one best equipped to stop them right now is Joe Biden. For that reason, he not only should run…he really must be the candidate. Indeed, if you care about the political voice of future generations, if you want them to even have a voice in a functioning democracy, it is essential that right now that the oldest president in U.S. history not only run now but that he wins reelection in 2024.

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Biden insults all Americans in using race hustler Al Sharpton to get re-elected

President Joe Biden’s re-election announcement video only lasts three minutes — but that’s long enough to give us some sense of what Biden’s team and the Democratic Party believe will be a winning message for November 2024.

Part of that winning message: Al Sharpton.

Aside from Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, Sharpton is, I believe, the only recognizable figure from outside the Biden administration.

He appears in four separate images a little more than two minutes in, shown walking with Biden to the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Ala., where the great standoff on civil rights took place in 1965.

In these pictures, Sharpton is filling the role not of Martin Luther King, who was in the center of the famous photo, but rather of the wise religious men surrounding King — men like Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel.

It’s an abhorrent likeness since Sharpton’s key moment as a public figure came when he helped lead a pogrom in Brooklyn in 1991 after a tragic car accident in which a Hasidic Jew struck and killed a black boy.:snip:

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Apr 27, 2023 UNITED STATES

President Joe Biden, in a dynamic, inspiring 3-minute video, announces his plans to "finish the job" he started during his historic first term. (Did you keep a straight face?) Is this the greatest anticlimax in political history?

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May 9, 2023
Megyn Kelly is joined by Stu Burguiere, host of “Stu Does America," and Dave Marcus, author and journalist, to discuss President Joe Biden’s plummeting approval rating, the left’s panicked reaction to these numbers, Biden’s latest embarrassing gaffe, and more.

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