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Antifa members arrested after allegedly attacking protestors, police outside of Fort Worth ‘family-friendly’ drag show


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Hannah Nightingale Washington DC

Apr 24, 2023


Samuel Fowlkes, Meghan Grant, and Christopher Guillott were arrested.

On Sunday, three members of Antifa were arrested outside of a Fort Worth, Texas family-friendly drag show after allegedly attacking protestors of the event.

Samuel Fowlkes was arrested on charges of resisting arrest, search, or transport, assaulting a peace officer, evading arrest or detention, and four counts of assault causing bodily injury, according to booking documents. 

Fowlkes, who is being held on $22,500 bail, has been revealed to identify as nonbinary. In a Reddit Post, Fowlkes wrote, "better to face suicide by cop or paramilitary chud then my own hands but i respect you. this is why we need Community defense over self defense, and community defense is more than just guns, it’s checking up on eachother, providing without asking, and having each others backs."


The group claimed that the arrested members were "trying to aid an injured drag defender." 

Protect Texas Kids, one of the groups protesting the event, said that Antifa members "were outside assaulting police officers and macing members of [the New Columbia Movement] who were peacefully praying.



Apr 24, 2023

On April 23, 2023, violent Antifa members part of the North Texas cell of the terror-linked John Brown Gun Club carried out an attack on people peacefully protesting a "family-friendly" drag queen event at Fort Brewery and Pizza. Samuel Fowlkes, Christopher Guillott, and Meghan Grant, all in black bloc, were arrested on suspicion of various crimes

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