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The Parasitic Nature of the Left’s Attack on American Children - Tammi Bruce


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Attempts to legitimize the destruction of the nuclear family continue apace. This time the monstrosity of the argument is presented in virtual Technicolor glory by New York Magazine. In a featured opinion piece titled “Children Are Not Property” by Sarah Jones, a senior writer for the magazine’s politics coverage treats readers to an argument that is so predictably absurd some have wondered if it is actual satire or even written by artificial intelligence.

But sadly no, we must presume that Jones actually sat down and wrote the screed declaring parents threaten the well-being of children and somehow a bunch of strangers unrelated to children are a better alternative to raise and influence the most vulnerable among us. After the public school/teacher’s union debacle with our children and the continuing obsession with teaching them to be racist and transgender, you will be forgiven if you laughed out loud spurting that milk you were drinking through your nose. You’re not alone.

Jones writes: “Like any piece of property, a child has value to conservative activists. They are key to a future the conservative wants to win. Parental rights are merely one path to the total capture of state power and the imposition of an authoritarian hierarchy on us all. So it’s no surprise that children have long been a fixation to the right wing.” Moreover, as the New York Post reported, she bleats “’right-wing Christians’ have embraced the parental rights movement in a bid to mold their children how they choose, ‘much like any domesticated animal.’”

I didn’t know the environment in which Jones was raised, but in her screed against parents she confesses, “There is no way to control a child forever. My parents learned that much. I hid books from them and discovered different ways of thinking through literature and furtive online searching. In relatively short order, I became an atheist and a socialist…” Surprise! Said no one ever.:snip:

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