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Scott Johnson

Feb. 2 2023


Underneath the image of the New York Post cover above, Miranda Devine comments in her Devine Online email newsletter (sign up for free here) this morning:

For more than two years Joe Biden has maintained the fiction that the laptop his son Hunter abandoned at a computer repair shop in Delaware was a “Russian plant.”

Well, yesterday, Hunter finally admitted the laptop is his, only now he says his data was taken without his permission.

As his troubles bleed into his father’s classified documents scandal, the White House scrambles to keep a lid on the mess, and Joe dodges reporters, Hunter decided to raise the stakes by siccing his pricey lawyers onto his enemies.


Despite the best efforts of Joe, and his cover-up merchants in the FBI and the media, a majority of voters suspect something fishy, according to a Rasmussen poll this week. It found 60% of all voters believe it is likely that information from the classified documents “was used by Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, in his foreign business deals.” Even 36% of Democrats feel that way.

It should be a simple matter for Special Counsel Robert Hur, who is investigating the president’s alleged mishandling of classified files, to clarify the issue by cross matching material on Hunter’s laptop with those classified documents.

As the new Republican House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer says: “Something bad is going on here.”

Whatever it is, the White House is doing its best to make the story go away, while Hunter and his lawyers fan the flames with their pugnacious antics.


In the adjacent post I comment on Hunter Biden’s threatened defamation claim against Tucker Carlson and Fox News. The idea that Hunter Biden could withstand the discovery to which he would be subject in such a case is a joke. Speaking of defamation, I should like to add that Devine and the Post reporters whose work was dismissed as Russian disinformation by the Deep State 51, Politico, Joe Biden et al. have potential defamation claims of their own against those parties and others. Their potential defamation claims have vastly more merit than the all but frivolous claim Hunter Biden has threatened against Tucker Carlson and Fox News.

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But Wait! Its gets Better.

Hunter’s Attorney’s Defense Of The ‘So-Called Laptop’ Is So Ludicrous, It’s Laughable

Where did this team of attorneys come from — the Law Offices of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe?
Tim Meads
Feb 2, 2023

Do you ever get the sense we live in a clown world run by imbeciles? The latest example of the sheer stupidity of our so-called elites can be found in the latest updates regarding Hunter Biden’s infamous “laptop from hell.”

On Wednesday, Biden the younger’s legal team sent a letter to the United States Department of Justice and the Delaware attorney general requesting an investigation into “individuals for whom there is considerable reason to believe violated various federal laws in accessing, copying, manipulating, and/or disseminating Mr. Biden’s personal computer data.”

The letters were taken by many as a sign that Hunter was finally confirming that Hunter’s laptop left at John Paul Mac Isaac’s repair shop was actually his. Readers will remember that 51 former intelligence officials claimed that the New York Post’s original 2020 report on the computer was “Russian disinformation.” In turn, Twitter censored the story, and the rest is history. Hunter has never denied or confirmed that it’s his laptop, so the legal request sent this week appeared to be a stunning admission.


So, to recap, Biden’s attorneys understand they are asking for special treatment, claim an investigation into “Mr. Biden’s personal computer data” is needed but then try to argue that they’re not saying it is Hunter’s laptop.

Meanwhile, that same “computer data” could very well lead to the prosecution of Hunter himself. Ideally, the letter is ignored entirely, but with President Joe Biden’s DOJ, you can never be so sure it won’t be wielded against his political enemies.

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Hunter Biden: More Depraved Than You Knew

John Hinderaker

 February 2, 2023

I thought my opinion of the Biden family, and Hunter Biden in particular, couldn’t possibly go lower. But I was wrong.

From a New York Post link, I learned about Marco Polo, a group that I don’t necessarily endorse–I don’t know enough about them–but that has devoted a lot of time to studying the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. Its Biden material is here, and the link to Hunter’s laptop that I followed from the Post’s account is here. Naturally, I started with the “Sex-Related Crimes” link.

I don’t think I am easily shocked, but what I found there was astonishing. Hunter Biden’s daily preoccupations are (or were, until recently) crack cocaine and prostitutes. His most frequent communications were with crack dealers and pimps, lining up and paying for prostitutes. It goes on and on, day after day. Is there a drug dealer or a pimp on the East Coast, or in California, who is not on close personal terms with Hunter Biden?

The amount of money Hunter ran through was extraordinary. Where did he get it? Not through any legal and gainful employment, certainly. It is reasonable to assume that Hunter’s share of the Biden crime family’s loot went for crack and prostitutes. Follow the link for details: it went on day after day. Frankly, it is surprising that Hunter is still alive.



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