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2022 Review - Hubble and James Webb


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Jan. 9 2022

In 2022, we finally saw the James Webb Space Telescope move into operational mode. Its early images and spectrometry are amazing. In this review, I have included a large number of them. It was also a very good year for the Hubble Space Telescope, and we have a number of those as well. We’ll take our usual approach and start close to home and move out to the most distant objects ever studied. We have a new image of Earth. We crashed a satellite into an asteroid to change its orbit. Webb took a look at Mars, Jupiter and Neptune. We’ll see a protostar; supernova; cosmic cliffs; pillars of creation; galaxy groups and more. We’ll finish with a pair of overlapping galaxies that enable a deep study of interstellar dust. We’ll end with the credits and links to the document with the text and pictures for this 2022 Review.

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