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James Tour: Darwin's Deception?


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Dec. 11 2022


00:00:00 Advice for Young Scientists

00:02:06 What is the influence of a scientist’s theology on research?

00:03:29 Do you give any serious consideration to the notion that Aliens created life on earth?

00:07:16 What is the most complex thing scientists have made? Hint: not frogs, not Craig Venter’s synthetic cell.

00:11:39 What are the arguments against an intelligent designer for the origin of life?

00:15:00 Why is humanity the standard for the origin of life? What is the prospect of alien life?

00:18:45 Do you ever doubt your faith?

00:21:00 Is there a scientific argument for God and your faith in Jesus Christ?

00:23:45 What is the mechanism for an intelligent designer (i.e. God) for doing the work of creation? Is the hand of God always at work?

00:30:02 What conclusions can you make from the fact that we have yet to observe any life elsewhere in the universe? What if life on earth originated from elsewhere?

00:31:30 What aspect of your work excites you the most?

00:33:00 What advice would you give aspiring scientists?

00:35:30 What would you put on your timeless monument?

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