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Fallen idols: 7 darlings of the liberal press who fell from grace


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Anti-Trump lawyer Michael Avenatti's 14-year prison sentence caps a stunning years-long fall from grace right before the public's eyes. He's hardly alone.



In recent years, the mainstream media has spent significant time doting on and promoting several high-profile Democrats and anti-Trump figures who went on to disgrace themselves, often finding themselves in serious legal trouble, or losing their luster in other ways.

These figures were heralded as "rising stars," great statesmen, potential future presidents, and groundbreaking visionaries only to lose influence and often be accused of misconduct, if not charged with or convicted of outright crimes.

Here are seven examples of such prematurely anointed onetime media darlings:

1. Michael Avenatti

Avenatti rose to fame while representing Stormy Daniels, a porn star with whom former President Donald Trump allegedly had a liaison. An uninhibited critic of Trump, he predicted the 45th president wouldn't "serve out his term" due to the alleged dirt he was trying to publicize.:snip:

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