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Elizabeth Warren’s Billionaire Sugar Daddy


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Front Page Magazine

Liz Warren hates billionaires. Just ask the millionaire leftist. Or don’t, she’ll be happy to virtue signal to you anyway. The Elizabeth Warren official store even sells a “billionaire tears” mug for only $28 bucks: a profit margin that would be obscene if a capitalist billionaire were doing it.

Who actually funds Warren’s political ambitions? Our investigation of her political organization reveals that it’s billionaires like Bill Gates, George Soros, Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife and eBay’s Pierre Omidyar. Advisors include Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes. Like her Cherokee heritage, Warren’s identity as a crusader against billionaires is fake. Without billionaires backing her organization, she wouldn’t have achieved so much influence in the Biden administration.


In November, Senator Warren appeared at a conference with a rant that mentioned billionaires eight times, accusing Republicans of running up the deficits with “tax cuts for billionaires” and arguing that, “Republicans will fight hard for billionaires, billionaire corporations, and conspiracy theorists. Democrats must be willing to fight even harder for working families.”

That was a little awkward because the conference was co-hosted by the Omidyar Network which is a foundation created and funded by Franco-Iranian eBay billionaire Pierre Omidyar. Of the other five co-hosts, four, Groundwork Action, Roosevelt Forward, the Economic Security Project, and Demos, also received Omidyar funding. The Economic Security Project needed some help because its creator, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, just has a mere half-billion to his name. Warren was speaking at a billionaire’s private social justice playground.

The only billionaire tears were those of laughter from Omidyar: the richest man in Hawaii.

It’s doubtful that Warren didn’t know that she was there as the keynote speaker for a billionaire’s event since Pierre Omidyar has played a massive role in her political operation.:snip:

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