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Does Trump Really Want to Be President Again? - Victor Davis Hanson


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American Greatness

Team Trump has sometimes compared Donald Trump’s current quest for a nonsequential second term to two-term President Grover Cleveland’s similar three election bids. 

Cleveland remains our only elected (1884) president to have lost a reelection bid (1888)—in a disputed vote—only to be reelected four years later (1892). 

Yet Trump seems determined instead to follow a different, and bullheaded, Teddy Roosevelt model. 


Roosevelt left the presidency (1908), sat out four years, and then lost a reelection bid in 1912, split and alienated the Republican Party, and ensured the election of the progressive Woodrow Wilson. 

Joe Biden’s first “corrective” two years have been an utter disaster. 

Biden birthed hyperinflation. He destroyed a secure border and Trump’s energy self-sufficiency. Crime is now out of control. The United States was humiliated abroad in Afghanistan. Rising interest rates will soon spark a recession. 

 After promising to unite the country, Biden smeared half the voting population as “un-American” and “semi-fascist.” 

In addition, almost all of Trump’s prior complaints, predictions, and assertions that the media dismissed as conspiratorial, or crackpot have proven eerily prescient. 

Hunter Biden’s laptop was all too authentic. 

The FBI was compromised and acted as an agent of the Democratic Party. Anthony Fauci proved a partisan. 

Russian collusion was an utter hoax. It was engineered by Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee, and the FBI. 

The Wuhan lab did likely birth the engineered COVID virus. That fact was covered up by the media and public health establishments. :snip:

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*Why did Trump need to descend into personal invective when prior to the midterms, many primary polls were confirming his front-runner status?

Why did he not remain magnanimous, unite the party, and focus on giving millions to his endorsed but endangered candidates like Dr. Mehmet Oz, Blake Masters, and Herschel Walker?

Why did Trump bizarrely claim that possible presidential rival candidate Glenn Youngkin’s name sounded “Chinese”? What was the logic of attacking Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) wife in racialist terms?

This is  the question so many have. Thing is Donald Trump is a Package Deal. To get The Good Trump, you have to take * The Bad Trump.  He Is Not Gonna Change. He is 2 years older than I am, so (if I may) speaking For Him. You reach a certain point where (absent Divine Intervention) people are not going to change. Like Me..Don't Like Me..Don't Care. What You See Is What You Get. So THE Question that has to be asked is, Is it worth putting up with The Downside to get The Upside? Because with Donald Trump WYSIWYG, and he is Not gonna change.

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