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Lee County Milestone: Over 4 Million Cubic Yards of Hurricane Debris Collected


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Hurricane season may be over, but recovery efforts continue in Florida and in Lee County, which was hard hit by Hurricane Ian, a Category 4 storm that made landfall on Sept. 28.

On Monday, Lee County announced recovery personnel had “reached another milestone with 4 million cubic yards of debris collected, roughly enough material to fill Hertz Arena to the ceiling 10½ times.” The 30-acre 171,000 square-foot entertainment venue, which seats 7,181 people, is southwest Florida’s premier arena that also hosts NHL, NBA, USBL and other sporting events.


The county said in a news release that recovery personnel operating specialized debris trucks have collected more than 60,000 cubic yards of roadside debris every day for the last two months and moved roughly 20,000 cubic yards from debris management sites to final disposal.

Crews have cleared debris from more than 3,500 miles of county roads, the county said, “the distance from Fort Myers to Minneapolis and back.”

Also on Monday at a news conference in neighboring Charlotte County, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that the state and generous donors through the Florida Disaster Fund would be providing $60 million to help impacted Floridians with ongoing housing and recovery efforts. On Sunday, the state’s first-ever housing program was launched in Lee County.:snip:

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And the clean up is not near over. My son and GS posts pics daily of huge piles of debris clogging the canals and bays. The Naples Daily News yesterday had an article that said this is the second biggest insurance lost in world history. I would link it but it won't let me. The flooding in to the ocean from the land has caused huge outbreak of red tide which has led to thousands of fish dying and floating up on shore. It's a mess. I would be sad to see the governor become President for a very selfish reason. As bad as this tragedy is it would be much worse without his leadership. He has been outstanding.

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