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Headlines you never would have seen just a few short years ago


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American Thinker

*The People Cheering for Humanity's End —The Atlantic

They think the planet would be better off without us.  Who would know?  These people must be super-fun at parties.  (God did instruct us to go forth and multiply, but these people think the cosmos is better off without Him, too.)

*Canada has a shortage of Grim Reapers to meet demand for assisted suicide —LifeSiteNews    

A big demand for assisted suicide in Canada?  I guess that shouldn't be too surprising, given Trudeau's policies.

*In too deep: John Fetterman's wife claims that swimming is 'very racist' —MSN      

That's correct.  Every time I go for a swim, I'm really trying to stick it to BIPOCs!  You've gotta be kidding me.  Mrs. Fetterman can go jump in the lake!  (Except that would be racist.)

*University library asks transgender students to journal about their bathroom experiences —Campus Reform

Why is it that educators at all levels want to talk about their students' most intimate body parts and bodily functions?:snip:

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