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European Country Considers Banning Electric Vehicle Travel Amid Energy Crisis: Report


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The Daily Wire

Ryan Saavedra
Dec 5, 2022

Switzerland is considering banning electric vehicles for non-essential travel this winter as the continent deals with an energy crisis sparked by Russia’s war in Ukraine.

The Telegraph reported that government officials have already drafted plans to conserve energy that could include limiting heat in buildings to no more than 68 degrees Fahrenheit and reducing the number of hours stores can be open.

Stricter measures could be enacted, including banning large indoor gatherings like sporting events, concerts, and theatre events, the report said.




Dec 5, 2022
At least one country warns that coming power shortages may force shutting down everything from your Tesla to your gaming console. Meanwhile, the coming lithium shortage threatens mass adoption of electric vehicles. All of this, because we're trying to save the planet. Will our environmental concerns bring life to a standstill?

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