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Matt Taibbi, Douglas Murray Dominate Trust-in-Media Debate


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National Review

Ari Blaff

December 1, 2022

Toronto — Conservative commentator Douglas Murray and veteran reporter Matt Taibbi soundly defeated their opponents in a Wednesday evening debate on the question of whether to trust the mainstream media, convincing a significant segment of the audience to abandon their faith in an institution they say is hopelessly compromised by bias.

The debate, held at Roy Thomson Hall in downtown Toronto and sponsored by the Canadian cultural non-profit Munk Debates, featured Taibbi and Murray squaring off against the tremendously popular non-fiction author Malcolm Gladwell and New York Times opinion columnist Michelle Goldberg, who made the case for continued trust in major American and Canadian outlets.

Pre-debate polling showed the audience virtually split 48 to 52 percent on the question of whether to trust the mainstream media.

However, over the course of nearly two hours, Taibbi and Murray compellingly persuaded over one-third of audience members (39 percent) to abandon their prior allegiance to the position championed by Gladwell and Goldberg.



H/T Power Line


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Dec 8, 2022
The Munk Debate on the Mainstream Media was held on November 30, 2022. The resolution to be debated was, "Be it resolved, don't trust the mainstream media."

On the PRO side of the debate were Douglas Murray (The Spectator) and Matt Taibbi (TK News on Substack). On the CON side of the debate were Malcolm 'Malc' Gladwell (The New Yorker, Revisionist History) and Michelle Goldberg (The New York Times).

At the beginning of the debate, 48% voted in favour of the resolution, while 52% voted against the resolution. At the end of the debate, 67% voted in favour of the resolution, while 33% voted against it, representing a 39% switch to the PRO side, the biggest switch in Munk history.


0:00 - Montage of past debates

2:26 - Moderator's introduction

7:04 - Preliminary poll

10:05 - Taibbi's opening statement

15:39 - Goldberg's opening statement

21:40 - Murray's opening statement

27:52 - Gladwell's opening statement

34:25 - Taibbi's first rebuttal

36:56 - Goldberg's first rebuttal

40:06 - Murray's first rebuttal

43:17 - Gladwell's first rebuttal

46:41 - Taibbi's second rebuttal

49:45 - Goldberg's second rebuttal

51:55 - Murray's second rebuttal

54:02 - Gladwell's second rebuttal

56:10 - Open discussion

1:22:17 - Gladwell's closing statement

1:24:55 - Murray's closing statement

1:28:12 - Goldberg's closing statement

1:31:49 - Taibbi's closing statement

1:35:01 - Debate results


A 90 minute Ass Whupping.


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