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Polar bear population booms amid global warming hysteria


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LV Review Journal

Global warming was supposed to wreak havoc on polar bears. Looks like someone forgot to tell the polar bears.

Polar bears “are the poster child for the impacts of climate change on species, and justifiably so,” the World Wildlife Foundation proclaims on its website. Pictures of polar bears on melting islands of ice are supposed to provide a dire foreshadowing of the world’s future. In 2018, a National Geographic story proclaimed, “Polar bears really are starving because of global warming, study shows.”


There’s just one problem with all the doomsday talk. It’s not true. The number of polar bears has been generally increasing for decades. As author Bjorn Lomborg detailed recently, the world polar bear population went from around 12,000 in 1965 to an estimated 26,000 last year. The trend is unmistakably positive.:snip:

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