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Pastor's 'Surreal' FBI Experience After His Clinic Was Firebombed: 'They Started Screaming at Me'


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CBN News

 Nov 28, 2022
A faith leader who runs crisis pregnancy centers in Upstate, New York, is alleging he had a "surreal" experience with Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) officials after his pro-life clinic was firebombed, claiming officials screamed at him on the phone and waited months to put out a most wanted poster. The Rev. Jim Harden, president of CompassCare Pregnancy Services in Rochester, New York, told CBN's Faithwire communication with state and federal officials has been "sparse" since his Buffalo clinic was firebombed just weeks before the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. "With respect to local law enforcement, they've been the most communicative," Harden said, noting, though, that he believes the FBI has negatively influenced those local authorities. "[The FBI] stopped communicating with us, refused to communicate with me after June 24th ... that's the day that the Dobbs case came out officially overturning Roe vs. Wade."

The faith leader said his relationship with the FBI became tenser when he asked the evening of June 24 if officials would do anything to help protect his clinics in light of the Supreme Court decision. Rather than pledge assistance, he said the FBI "communicated rage." "They literally started screaming at me on the phone. I'm not kidding you," Harden said. "It was a surreal incident." At the time, he and his family had to move locations due to threats and attacks. After that conversation in June, Harden said it was months before he was again communicating with the FBI. Watch him tell his story.


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