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Eye on John Kirby


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Power Line

Scott Johnson

Dec.1 2022

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, creation of a new regime favoring free speech, and promise to account for the platform’s past censorship must be one of the most important stories in the country. The Biden administration has now announced that it is keeping an “eye on Twitter” in the wake of Musk’s purchase. They yearn for the old days when stories unfavorable to Biden were mercilessly barred from the platform.

When administration spokesman John Kirby turned up for a segment with Martha MacCallum (she/her/hers) yesterday on FOX News. MacCallum put the Twitter issues in the context of Apple’s reported accommodation of Chinese authorities in suppressing the current protests and grilled Kirby on the administration’s position. MacCallum grilled Kirby. If I understand what Kirby was saying with his reference to CFIUS — a big if, I’m not saying I do — Kirby raised a question concerning the legality of Musk’s ownership of Twitter based on Musk’s citizenship.

Musk has been a naturalized American citizen since 2002....................(Snip)


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