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It’s been nearly six months since Dobbs, and women’s bodies aren’t stacking up


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American Thinker

When the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade this past June —  the sensible ruling to return the decision to the states where it rightfully belongs — the media and the other Democrats mobilized, and coordinated a massive disinformation campaign to bombard the public with the false talking points. The lies? That millions of women would die because vicious Republicans wouldn’t allow a woman to access abortion if her life was in danger.

By now, given the amount of states that have either outlawed or scaled back the practice, I would think there would be a huge number of examples of where that has actually occurred. Yet…?

The Washington Post, CNN, and every other leftist-owned media corporation have large staffs, clearly they can divert the resources to what would surely be a ground-breaking investigative report!

They should compose a list of all the women that are now dead because they couldn’t procure an abortion. They should include the states and hospitals where this happened, calling out by name the “do no harm” practitioners who stood down as women died.

As it turns out, the women are still alive, and now so are their babies. A recent report found that in the two month’s after the Roe reversal, “at least 10,000 babies were saved” from the gruesome death. In reality, the only dead bodies piling up belong to the ones still killed during abortion.:snip:

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Big law firm is ‘Big Brother,’ firing a partner for supporting the Dobbs decision

Robin Keller was a retired equity partner who worked for Hogan Lovells, an international law firm with almost 2,500 attorneys. (Although technically “retired,” she still worked for the firm.) Keller was summarily fired in June after daring to say that she thought the Dobbs decision, which returned the question of abortion to the states, was correctly decided and that making abortion more difficult might save Black lives.

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Thoughts Frrom  The Ammo Line

Scott Johnson

Dec. 2 2022

Ammo Grrrll takes note of UNPAYABLE DEBTS and UNSUNG HEROES. She writes:

Since last week’s column missed Thanksgiving by just a day, I believe it is still appropriate (and is always appropriate) to think about our many Unpayable Debts. Gratitude is out of favor; entitlement is The Current Thing, along with hatred for and disparagement of every single blessing we have inherited. But most of my readers do not care much for The Current Thing.

Although our topic is Unpayable Debts, I rush to assure all the sad, entitled kids, I’m not talking about your college loans, in which you squandered tens of thousands of dollars on a Degree in Nonbinary Anti-Imperialist Poetry. Those debts ARE eventually payable, you’d just prefer not to. Yeah, #MeToo. I feel the same way about my Home Owners’ Assn. dues AND my Arizona water bill. But nobody is offering to bribe me for my vote, so I just go ahead and pay my own bills as I have been doing for lo, these 60 years or so.

The first Unpayable Debt I incurred in utero. As I have mentioned in the past, my sainted late mother was in a pregnancy that turned life-threatening enough (toxemia that turned to full-blown eclampsia) that even way back in 1946 the doctor urged “terminating.” She declined; here I am. I doubt there has ever been a closer mother and daughter.



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