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San Francisco Mulls the Use of Armed Robot Cops


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PJ Media

Victoria Taft 

November 29, 2022

San Francisco may use armed robot cops that could be used to kill people. Now, in a town filled with leaders who hate cops, guns, and individual liberty, this sounds like a colossally bad idea. But, just in case it passes, conservatives should probably wear body armor under their Armani suits.


In 2021, in the spirit of recycling, the California legislature approved receipt of surplus military equipment. San Francisco police provided a handy guide explaining what equipment they would be permitted to use. Here’s a partial list:

(1) Unmanned, remotely piloted, powered aerial or ground vehicles.


Though civil rights groups and others have lined up against the use of the armed robocops, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is seriously considering the idea. San Francisco’s neighbor, Oakland, rejected the use of robots in October.

Mao once said that “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” Imagine these Lefties with robocops.



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Sci-Fi? Maybe today. Next week...?

 Oct 17, 2019
In a dystopian world a new form of A.I. weaponry has been created. All these drone bots need is a profile: age, sex, fitness, uniform, and ethnicity. Nuclear is obsolete. Take out your entire enemy virtually risk free. Just characterize him, release the swarm, and rest easy.

"Slaughterbots" directed by Stewart Sugg


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