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'Unbelievable and Pathetic': Actor Kevin Sorbo 'Incensed' Over Brainwashing of Young Minds


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Nov 23, 2022
One of actor Kevin Sorbo's latest projects is an animated video short exposing the violent nature of pregnancy termination. He said his decision to offer a voiceover for the project is rooted in his pro-life advocacy. Sorbo said he's been vocal about these issues, along with Christian education and other political sentiments, for the past decade. "It's a road I never thought it'd be going down," the actor said. "It's a door God opened to me that has been a blessing in more ways than one." When Laura Klassen and her pro-life organization Choice42 approached him and asked if he wanted to be involved, he was intrigued. As CBN's Faithwire reported earlier this month, "The Procedure" features a medical professional who quit his job after witnessing a graphic abortion procedure. "They sent me [the man's] story and I read his story and it made me cry reading what he had to be forced to witness, because he didn't wanna be part of this," Sorbo said. He said the short film, produced by LOOR, a soon-to-launch streaming service, is "incredibly powerful" and should be viewed by every human being. "We need every single person in the world, pro-life or pro-choice, to see this," Sorbo added. "To wake up to the horror of what we've done over the last 50 years."

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