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Jonathan Turley Busts Advertisers Leaving Twitter Who Were Cool With Censorship Before Musk


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The left has been doing all it can to take down Twitter since Elon Musk took over, with Democrats trying to sic the FTC on Musk, floating the idea of pulling Twitter from the app store, and pressuring advertisers to stop advertising on the site.


According to NPR — which bases its report on Media Matters (so we do not have that as a question) — about 50 of the top 100 advertisers are no longer running ads on the site.

Half of Twitter’s top 100 advertisers appear to no longer be advertising on the website. A report from Media Matters for America states that these 50 advertisers have spent almost $2 billion on Twitter ads since 2020 and more than $750 million just in 2022.

Seven additional advertisers have slowed their advertising to almost nothing, according to the report, which was published on Tuesday. These companies have paid Twitter more than $255 million since 2020.

Chevrolet, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc., Ford, Jeep, Kyndryl, Merck & Co. and Novartis AG all issued statements about halting Twitter ads or were reported and confirmed as doing so. The others ceased advertising on the platform for a “significant period of time following direct outreach, controversies, and warnings from media buyers.”

Volkswagen has joined those companies, which is incredibly ironic, given they were founded originally by Nazis.

As George Washington law school professor Jonathan Turley observed, these companies were fine with how Twitter had censored speech in the past and shut down stories like the Hunter Biden laptop. They didn’t pull out because of the child exploitation on the site which Musk has now been working to purge. Yet now these advertisers have a problem with free:snip:

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