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Antifa member sentenced to 20 years for stabbing two members of the Proud Boys


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The Post Millennial

"He violently, brutally stabbed political opponents of his -- one of whom he eviscerated. This wasn't just a simple stab or an accidental stab or a 'poke' as the defendant attempted to describe it in his testimony.  These were violent knife attacks."

Ari Hoffman Seattle WA

Nov 22, 2022

A judge sentenced Alexander Contompasis, an admitted Antifa member, to 20 years in state prison on Thursday for stabbing two members of the Proud Boys during a brawl between Antifa and pro-Trump "Stop the Steal" protesters outside the state Capitol in Albany, NY in January of 2021.

Assistant District Attorney Bryanne Perlanski said that though the victims also engaged in physical violence at the Capitol, they did not bring a knife and told the judge that Contompasis went to the Capitol with "violence in his mind and in his heart."

According to the Times Union, Supreme Court Justice Roger McDonough told the 39-year-old Contompasis during sentencing that "toxicity in the body politic" fueled his stabbing of two members of the Proud Boys, adding that he could only conclude that the defendant went to the Capitol "ready, willing, and able" to inflict violence on political opponents. 


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