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The Fate of Moses Jacob Ezekiel and His Memorial to the Confederate Dead


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The Fate of Moses Jacob Ezekiel and His Memorial to the Confederate Dead


Detail from the plinth of Moses Jacob Ezekiel’s Confederate Monument, showing a black soldier marching in the Confederate Army and a black mammy comforting a soldier’s child. (Wikimedia Commons)

Just a few years ago, a monument to post-Civil War peace and reconciliation sculpted by one of America’s most gifted Jewish artists was universally acclaimed. Now a woke military commission and left-wing activists plan to destroy it.

Efforts are underway to remove a familiar American monument from the spot in Arlington National Cemetery where it has stood since June 1914. That was when President Woodrow Wilson presided over the dedication of Moses Jacob Ezekiel’s sweeping Confederate Memorial, marking the graves of over 400 Southerners who fought for the independence of their states. In his speech, President Wilson characterized the monument as “an emblem of a reunited people.” The Washington Post, on May 24, 1914, reported that the Confederate Memorial “means, primarily, peace.” Everyone, North and South, understood at the time of its creation that the monument symbolized the reconciliation of the two parts of the American nation that had been at war 60 years earlier.

 The reunification of America had become very obvious by 1898. The Spanish-American War, in which Union and Confederate veterans had fought side by side, had just concluded.:snip: https://chroniclesmagazine.org/recent-features/the-fate-of-moses-jacob-ezekiel-and-his-memorial-to-the-confederate-dead/

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Monuments Matter


The impending removal of Moses Ezekiel’s magnificent monument from Arlington National Cemetery follows well-laid out guidelines for obliterating the non-woke past everywhere in the culturally revolutionized West.

 In the United States, we have seen the statues of once-honored historical figures repeatedly vandalized and torn down by social-justice goons, as police under orders from superiors are forced to turn a blind eye. Universities have not only allowed such criminality to go unchecked but have taken additional steps to justify these Taliban-like excesses by renaming university colleges and buildings to remove politically incorrect associations.

 The great Southern senator John C. Calhoun has not only had his name removed from a college at Yale but has seen the same dishonor befall him posthumously at Clemson, in South Carolina. This university has now denied any official recognition to the political giant on whose estate, the Fort Hill Plantation, the school now stands. At Princeton, a similar fate has befallen another Southerner, Woodrow Wilson, who has been canceled by the university of which he was once president.

 A renaming ritual even more bizarre has taken place at the University of Edinburgh, whose tallest building no longer bears the name of Great Britain’s most illustrious philosopher, David Hume. :snip:   https://chroniclesmagazine.org/recent-features/monuments-matter/

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