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California Slowly Counts its Harvested Ballots


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Legal Insurrection

California Slowly Counts its Harvested Ballots

A look at why it takes so long to count the votes in the Golden State, especially in critical congressional races.

Posted by Leslie Eastman Saturday, November 19, 2022 at 12:00pm 28 Comments

A few days ago, my colleague Mary Chastain noted that incumbent Republican Rep. Mike Garcia held his CA-27 district seat with a victory over Democrat challenger Christy Smith, thereby giving the Republicans the 218 majority in the House of Representatives.

Now, perhaps Legal Insurrection’s friends will give some props to those of us independent conservatives who live in California. By remaining to vote in these districts, we now have a Pelosi-free House speakership. God willing, it will remain that way.

However, I would like to note that California is still counting its harvested ballots. At this point, the tally is still coming in for the CA-3 district race, with Republican Kevin Kiley.

Kevin Kiley remains ahead of Kermit Jones for the 3rd District congressional seat, and has been ahead all week. Yet the race remains one of the few in the nation where no winner has been declared.

A big reason is that, as of Tuesday, :snip:



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