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Is Multiculturalism Destroying Western National Identities?


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GateStone Institute
  • Today, 90% of British demographic growth comes from immigration.
  • The same shift is taking place in Sweden. In 2015 alone, Sweden welcomed 163,000 immigrants, the equivalent of 1.65% of its total population. Combined with other years, it is a demographic revolution: As of 2015, approximately 17% of the population were foreign-born.
  • "Therefore, there has been a huge cultural change in the immigrant population, as its largest group has gone from being Finnish to being Muslim... with immigration unchanged, ethnic Swedes will be a minority in 2065." — Kyösti Tarvainen, professor at the Aalto University of Helsinki, Folkbladet, April 13, 2021.
  • That is why Swedish people recently voted in a conservative government. It is their last chance to stop an unprecedented national self-destruction.
  • "Brussels is no longer Belgium.... There are more Brussels residents of Moroccan origin than Flemings or Walloons". — Philippe Van Parijs, Belgian academic and economist, De Standaard, September 5, 2022.
  • A country facing demographic suicide (1,707 kindergartens in Italy closed down in the last ten years) cannot afford to be overwhelmed by mass immigration without losing its national identity.:snip:
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