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Philadelphia's Turn to Get a Taste of Biden's Border Crisis


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PJ Media

Rick Moran

November 17, 2022

In 2018, Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney danced a jig in his office following a ruling by a federal judge affirming its status as a sanctuary city.

I wonder if he’ll still be dancing after Texas Governor Greg Abbott sends a few thousand illegal immigrants his way in his latest effort to force Washington and blue states to pay attention to the border crisis.

That crisis is about to get much worse with the imminent lifting of the pandemic-era border rule — Title 42 — that kept about a third of illegal aliens from crossing the border. Last March, the Department of Homeland Security conducted a study that showed up to 18,000 illegal aliens a day would try to cross the border once the rule was lifted. At present, about 2,000 illegal aliens a day try to cross the border.

Biden has left Abbott and other border governors largely fending for themselves. All Abbott can do is pull stunts like the one on Wednesday, where he sent a bus full of 28 illegal aliens captured at the border and released in Texas into Philadelphia to let Mayor Kenney deal with them.




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