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Antifa threats force Washington women's rights protest away from Olympia capitol building


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The Post Millennial

Activists even posted pictures of the inside of the homes of one of the speakers scheduled to appear at the event.

Ari Hoffman Seattle WA
Nov 15, 2022



A women’s rights group was forced to move its rally from the steps of the Washington State Capital building on Sunday in response to threats of violence from Antifa.

The Tacoma-based Sovereign Women Speak (SWS) was scheduled to host a permitted "Speakers Corner" event on the steps of the Washington State Capitol, during which "women will assert their right to discuss the harms done to women and children by 'gender identity,' the specious contention that humans can change sex or that sex is irrelevant."

Due to credible threats of extreme violence, the Sovereign Women Speak event with Kara Dansky in Olympia has been cancelled by the organizers. This is disappointing. #LetWomenSpeak


This is what the women in Olympia WA were facing when they tried to have a free speech event. This is full battle gear vs around 20 mostly older, some disabled women. This is the state of dystopia the PNW has become. Last night they posted pictures of inside my house as a threat,



Meanwhile In NYC

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