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How Wisconsin Streetfighters Disrupted a Democrat Ballot-Gathering System


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American Thinker

Ballots and votes.

These two words seem synonymous, yet they imply opposite ways to choose a government.

There is a big difference between "votes" and "ballots."  The Republicans focused on winning votes; the Democrats focused on gathering ballots.  The ballots won.

—Conservative Treehouse November 2022

When Election Day became Election Month, mail-in ballots replaced in-person voters, and the electoral world changed forever.  It is not changing back. 

Democrats, expert in anything government-related, drove states to change laws, increase voting days, loosen voter standards.  Republican leadership dozed.

Democrats, leftist non-governmental organizations, Big Tech invented every conceivable way to manipulate the ballot process: collect ballots, drop into streetside bins, fill them out if the voter doesn't. :snip:

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America’s Fourth World Vote System Is a Global Embarrassment

The whole world is laughing. 

“US election results: When will we know who won?” the BBC wondered. 

AZCentral.com columnist Jon Gabriel wrote: “Friends in Hungary and Brazil asked how their entire nations can count votes in a few hours, while it takes Arizona a week or longer.” 

As of early Friday afternoon, America’s voting system has devolved from a global beacon of democracy to an international punchline. A bright neon sign warns: “Don’t try this at home.” 


Mechanical breakdowns, baffling “ballot dumps,” and inexplicable pauses in tabulation have buried the Arizona and Nevada senatorial and gubernatorial results in sand. 

Alaska has soiled itself with a new, needless, and odious rank-choice-voting process. Rather than Tuesday’s top vote-getter winning the Senate seat, Republicans Lisa Murkowski, Kelly Tshibaka, Buzz Kelley, and Democrat Patricia Chesboro are mired in a glacial redistribution of each losing candidate’s votes to those ranked higher. This ballot buffoonery could continue for weeks. :snip:

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When Election Day Lasts For A Month

On Sunday, five days after “Election Day,” Americans still didn’t know which party will have a majority in the House while two states were waiting to find out who their next governors will be. Even the BBC has been wondering “when will we know who won.” Have the delays been caused by incompetence or malign forces? Surely both, but it’s the latter that has had the biggest impact.

Forty-two years ago, on the evening of Nov. 4, 1980, the day of the election, President Jimmy Carter conceded to his Republican challenger Ronald Reagan at 9:50 pm Eastern Standard Time. Eight years later – on Election Day – Democratic nominee Michael Dukakis called George H.W. Bush, the GOP’s candidate, and congratulated him on his win.

Hard to believe that many of us grew up going to bed on election night knowing not only who won the presidential election, but who came out on top of many other races, as well. But that’s changed. We no longer have an Election Day. We have Election Week, Election Month – and worse.

Blame Al Gore. The vice president for the man who ran a “permanent campaign” during eight years in the White House kicked off the “permanent election” in 2000 by retracting his concession to George W. Bush on the evening of Election Day. He then put the country through more than a month of turmoil, dragging out a challenge that went well beyond his right for a recount in Florida. His effort to count the votes until he had enough to win had to be ended by the U.S. Supreme Court.:snip:

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