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Red wave after all? GOP winning popular vote by wide margin despite incongruous results


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Millions more Americans voted for Republicans than Democrats in House races. So why didn't the GOP win more seats?


The country may have experienced a red wave after all. It just didn't translate into the electoral outcomes that have historically accompanied major political shifts — and after the initial wave of instant narratives extemporized by pundits on election night, close observers are now just beginning to dig for the reasons underlying the model-shattering disconnect.


Republicans are currently winning the national popular vote for the House in Tuesday's midterm elections by a large margin, according to the latest data from the Cook Political Report.

Specifically, GOP candidates have so far received 50,672,592 votes, or 52.3% of the total ballots cast as of this writing. Democrat candidates, by comparison, have so far received 44,802,597 votes, or 46.2% of the total.

These figures come from Cook's 2022 National House Vote Tracker, which is being updated as states continue counting ballots.

This support for the GOP appears to fit with what pre-election polling data had suggested heading into Election Day. Several Republican candidates nationwide, including those running for the Senate and governors' mansions, had been rising in the polls in the last couple months, indicating positive momentum for Republicans.

Polling also found that the economy (particularly inflation) and crime were the top two issues for voters and that voters trusted Republicans more than Democrats to handle each issue.:snip:

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3 hours ago, Draggingtree said:

Kevin McCarthy’s War Against MAGA


Kevin McCarthy’s War Against MAGA

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy joined Mitch McConnell in sabotaging his own side to keep America First candidates out of office. No one is more responsible for the failure of a midterm 'red wave' to arrive.

READ MORE:snip: 


Or Not. This is Silliness.

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