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Prominent pollster says time for America to mandate all ballots be counted on Election Day


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Just The News

Scott Rasmussen says 80% of Americans want to know who their elected officials are on Election Day and not have it take days.

Charlotte Hazard

Nov. 10 2022

With states like Arizona, Nevada and Alaska taking days to determine midterm election results, influential pollster Scott Rasmussen says there is overwhelming support for America to mandate ballots be in and counted by Election Day.

"One of the 80% issues, and there aren't a whole lot of 80% issues in America-one of them is that all ballots should be in by Election Day," Scott Rasmussen said Wednesday night on the "Just the News, No Noise" TV show. "We should know the results on Election Day."

Such a new mandate would make it nearly impossible to have a system like ranked-choice voting, which is how Alaska conducts its elections. Ranked-choice voting is "an alternative voting system that allows voters to rank multiple candidates on a ballot in order of preference." As a result of this system, Alaskans won't find out results of their midterm for a few weeks.




And how about we go back to Election Day not election month.

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