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A Ray of Hope [Updated]


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Power Line

John Hinderaker

November 9, 2022

Yesterday’s election results were bad across the U.S., and in Minnesota they were horrific. But there was one positive: the performance of conservative school board candidates.

The teachers’ union, Education Minnesota, has largely run our state for decades. Among other things, in most school districts the union has more or less appointed members of the school board *against* whom the union negotiates teachers’ contracts, a corrupt arrangement. My organization has been working for some years to counteract the teachers’ union’s monopoly power over our public schools.

Earlier this year, we established the Minnesota Parents Alliance, a 501(c)(4) organization, to identify good school board candidates across the state of Minnesota, to train them with regard both to winning elections and to serving effectively on school boards, to endorse them, and, in selected instances, to provide limited financial support.


"S]chool board candidates backed by the upstart Minnesota Parents Alliance had a very good election night. Forty-nine candidates running with the official MPA endorsement won election to the school board last night, a tremendous accomplishment for an organization that was founded just nine months ago. Dozens of other candidates who received support from MPA such as campaign training, technical assistance, and educational resources also cruised to victory. In fact, 22 out of 38 candidates who attended one of the MPA campaign schools won their elections. Several more winning candidates throughout greater Minnesota benefitted from online access to MPA training sessions and support.

More importantly, the Minnesota Parents Alliance won seats in 15 of the 19 school districts where they devoted campaign resources such as digital advertising. Those districts include:

List omitted.

“Parent-backed candidates cut through all of the noise in this election and won support from voters because they talked about the important issues — academic achievement, equality and parental rights,” said Cristine Trooien, Executive Director of the Minnesota Parents Alliance."


UPDATE: Chris Rufo notes Minnesota parents’ impressive performance in an otherwise lackluster year:




Bold Me

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‘Vote Like A Mother’: Parental Rights Groups Notch Key School Board Wins Across The Country

Reagan Reese Contributor

November 09, 2022 8:57 PM ET

  • Two grassroots organizations that prioritize parental rights in education saw many of their endorsed candidates win their school board elections. 
  • “Last night was a disappointing night for Republicans in many parts of the country, but we’re happy to say we were very successful in key races in Florida, Oklahoma, Ohio, Maryland, which were by far the biggest places we targeted,” Aiden Buzzetti, head of coalitions and candidate recruitment for the 1776 Project PAC, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.
  • The organization Moms for Liberty told the DCNF that they hope to see their candidates focus on academic achievement and bring transparency back into the classroom. 


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Nov 19, 2022

On Saturday's "America Right Now," Aiden Buzzetti of the 1776 Project reacts to successfully flipping liberal school boards.

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