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Commentary: A last-minute, desperate attempt to protect the status quo in Orono


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Four has-been school board members are shocked anyone would dare challenge them and instead recommend voters support the candidates hand-picked by the teachers union.

Bill Walsh

November 8, 2022

(Center of the American Experiment) — The status quo is getting nervous in the Orono school board race. Several former school board members sent a two-page letter this weekend to every house in the district warning citizens of the impending doom for students if a slate of parent-endorsed candidates should win on Tuesday. It’s a desperate last-minute attempt to discredit these candidates using the worst possible method of communicating a political message — a long letter inside an envelope. Less than 5 percent of voters will even open the letter.

Together, the former board members boast continuous service on the school board for 24 of the last 27 years. Congratulations, you’re part of the problem. Why would voters look to you for solutions?

They assert “politics has no role to play on the Orono School Board.” If that were true, why would school boards stand for election every few years? What they really mean is, what we do is righteous and good for students, what our opponents do is divisive politics.

The letter is full of the same tired arguments defending the status quo in education across Minnesota this year.


According to the Minnesota Department of Education, math scores in the Orono School District have fallen 7 points since 2018.

Reading scores have fallen 4.3 points since 2018.

Science scores have fallen 10.8 points since 2018.



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