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Republicans sue to disqualify thousands of mail ballots in swing states


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MSN/Washington Post

Amy Gardner, Emma Brown

Nov. 7 2022

Republican officials and candidates in at least three battleground states are pushing to disqualify thousands of mail ballots after urging their own supporters to vote on Election Day, in what critics are calling a concerted attempt at partisan voter suppression.

In Pennsylvania, the state Supreme Court has agreed with the Republican National Committee that election officials should not count ballots on which the voter neglected to put a date on the outer envelope — even in cases when the ballots arrive before Election Day. Thousands of ballots have been set aside as a result, enough to swing a close race.

In Michigan, Kristina Karamo, the Republican nominee for secretary of state, sued the top election official in Detroit last month, seeking to toss absentee ballots not cast in person with an ID, even though that runs contrary to state requirements. When asked in a recent court hearing, Karamo’s lawyer declined to say why the suit targets Detroit, a heavily Democratic, majority-Black city, and not the entire state.

And in Wisconsin, Republicans won a court ruling that will prevent some mail ballots from being counted when the required witness address is not complete.

Over the past two years, Republicans have waged a sustained campaign against *alleged voter fraud. Experts say the litigation — which could significantly affect Tuesday’s vote — represents a parallel strategy of suing to disqualify mail ballots based on technicalities. While the rejections may have some basis in state law, experts say they appear to go against a principle, enshrined in federal law, of not disenfranchising voters for *minor errors.

The suits coincide with a systematic attempt by Republicans — led by former president Donald Trump — **to persuade GOP voters to cast their ballots only on Election Day. Critics argue that the overall purpose is to separate Republicans and Democrats by method of voting and then to use lawsuits to void mail ballots that are disproportionately Democratic.



* Alleged voter fraud, Minor errors?

** :o Oh The Horror!


H/T DU Comments

1. The GOP is taking control of the voting system to gain permanent power.

The GOP wants the US to be a one party political system.

Like in China and Russia.


DU TOS Same Tone. Although TOS generally have actual Facts to back up what they say.

The Democrats/The Left/Corporate Media (but I repeat myself) are laying the groundwork for declaring many of these  election Invalid.

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Nov. 7 2022

Judicial Watch President @TomFitton discusses election integrity in the United States and what you can do in your community to make sure elections are fair, clean, and honest.

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