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Democrats Go All-in on “Rule or Ruin” in Election’s Final Hours


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There are still more than 72 hours before polls close on election night, but already, signs are that Democrats are making peace with the inevitable. President Joe Biden, returning from a trip to Florida where even Democratic insiders admit they face their worst defeat in 20 years, if not in history, intoned that “In our bones, we know democracy is at risk.” In the event the point was missed, Biden later stated, “We’re often not faced with questions of whether the vote we cast will preserve democracy, but this year we are.” That Biden chose to make this his “closing message” and to deliver it at Union Station in Washington, D.C., a city where residents will not even be electing a Senator or voting member of Congress, is symbolic of how totally the “rule or ruin” conception of “democracy” has taken root within the Democratic Party. To them, whether democracy survives has nothing to do with whether or not tens of millions of Americans are able to cast their ballots Tuesday, but solely with whether or not at the end of the process, Democrats, or individuals deemed acceptable to Biden and a host of media personalities, emerge victorious.

For a number of months now, large segments of the Democratic Party, along with the media and former Republicans radicalized by their defeat in the battle for control of the GOP, have been defining “democracy” and “legitimacy” solely in terms of electoral outcomes. In many ways this phenomenon is a natural outgrowth of the “cancel culture” which has taken root in American colleges and corporate boardrooms, in which there is only one “right” position, and hence the legitimacy of any process can be defined solely in terms of whether it reaches that conclusion. A rigged process which produces the “correct outcome”, such as Affirmative Action, is inherently legitimate, whereas an impartial process which nevertheless produces an unwanted outcome, such as the Electoral College, is, to the left, illegitimate. If the Electoral College or the Supreme Court defend the “proper outcome,” as Democrats feel those institutions did during the 2020 election, then they are vital institutions of government, and any questioning of them amounts to a subversive attack on the Constitution and “democracy.” If, however, they produce the “wrong outcome,” such as when the Electoral College produced a victory for Donald Trump in 2016, or when the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade, the institutions have “discredited themselves” and “undermined democracy.”

It was inevitable that, having turned on the Electoral College and the courts, Democrats would not shy away from charging the voters themselves with “undermining democracy” by exercising their suffrage incorrectly. What is shocking is how blatant the shift has been. It is not just Biden who has adopted this language, or Hillary Clinton, still bitter over 2016, who told CNN that Republicans were “going after Democracy” and blamed the GOP for the attack on Paul Pelosi by homeless nudist activist reportedly present in the country illegally.:snip:

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10 hours ago, Geee said:
There are still more than 72 hours before polls close on election night,

How many hours will it be before Democrats & The Corporate Media (But  repeat myself) call this election Illegitimate? Certainly by noon on the 9th.


but already, Democrats are making peace with the inevitable.

Peace? Hold on to that dream.

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