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Joe Biden: Democracy Itself at Stake if You Vote for Republicans in the Midterms


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Fact-Checking 5 Biden Warnings About Dangers to Democracy

President Joe Biden warned that democracy was in peril and on the ballot during a primetime speech Wednesday from Union Station in Washington, D.C., near Capitol Hill. 

Biden referenced the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol riot, and talked several times about former President Donald Trump. He also said that political violence is on the rise. 

Here are five claims. :


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Republican candidate's children are in HIDING after gunman almost killed them by shooting North Carolina house on day Democrat rival posted campaign ad outside their home: Shocked grandmother says her son is 'terribly stressed about his children'

  • The shooting transpired on October 18 in Hickory at a home belonging to Republican Pat Harrigan's parents, as he fights for an open seat in the famously liberal 14th Congressional District, in a contentious race 
  • The congressional candidate's daughters, aged 3 and 5, were asleep in the bedroom directly above the room where the shooting occurred, with the bullet coming from a densely wooded area behind the house 
  • Harrigan, a firearms manufacturer and former Green Beret, has since come forward to assert he would not be intimidated by the shooting, and that 'death threats aren't enough to knock this Green Beret off that mission' 
  • Because of these threats, the family said - which has spurred the ex-soldier to don bulletproof vests to campaign events - the two girls had been living with their grandparents for much of the campaign cycle
  • The kids have since been relocated out of state - while Harrigan, who was not at the residence, has revealed he owns a property near the home where the shooting occurred. No injuries were reported 
  • His opponent Democrat Jeff Jackson, has been forced to pull an ad filmed outside his opponent's lakeside home criticizing his ownership of a ritzy home in a neighborhood outside the confines of the district
  • The ad shows a man on a jet ski as a narrator tells listeners Harrigan 'made a fortune' off tragedies such as the Sandy Hook Shooting, and bought a lake house
  • It then shows an image of Harrigan's home, which is not far from that of his parents. The spot was released on the day of the shooting - and spurred an angry open letter from Harrigan to Jackson a week later 
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This May Be Satire

I wish i was, but his is What The Left is saying.


if you've got 20:59 to waste, here's the speech he's talking about.



I swear there are times when I think The Left wants a violent  civil war.  :wallbash:

You know how I say "Not Evil, Just Wrong"? Starting to reassess that in many cases.

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