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Florida Hispanic students rank first nationwide in reading


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 Florida’s highest-ever 2022 National Assessment of Educational Progress rankings indicate that the state’s students are “well ahead of their peers, especially with younger and educationally at-risk students who were harmed the most from distance learning in other states,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said when announcing the ranking. 

“We insisted on keeping schools open and guaranteed in-person learning in 2020 because we knew there would be widespread harm to our students if students were locked out,” he said, adding that the results “once again prove that we made the right decision.” 

Overall, Florida’s fourth-graders ranked third nationwide in reading in the average scale score, moving up from sixth in 2019 and ahead of students in New Jersey, Utah, and Colorado. 


Among the most populated states, Florida fourth-graders were the highest performing in reading. Pennsylvania ranked 9th, California 32nd, Texas 33rd, and New York 36th.

Overall, Florida fourth-graders ranked fourth in math nationwide in average scale score. Of the most populated states, they ranked first, ahead of Texas (14), Pennsylvania (17), California (38), and New York (46).:snip:

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