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What the GOP Must Learn from Elon Musk


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Real Clear Politics

Bruce Abramson

Nov. 2 2022

Donald Trump may have owned “You’re Fired!” but Elon Musk is teaching America what it means. The GOP should pay attention.

Musk’s greatest undertaking as the new “Chief Twit” involves deploying new business models that enhance corporate value, but his most visible challenge is changing the culture of this large organization without interrupting its business. That’s a notoriously difficult task.

It’s a task at which President Trump failed. Trump often complained about the politicization and corruption of federal agencies – comprised largely of his own executive branch employees – but he had zero perceptible impact on the culture of the federal bureaucracy. He was but the latest in a long line of Republicans who rail ineffectively against the vast administrative state.

Organizational and institutional culture has a way of outlasting even the most reform-minded leadership. What makes Musk think he can succeed?

The answer can be found in his first moves. He immediately removed key members of Twitter’s leadership, including its CEO, CFO, policy head, and general counsel. In other words, Musk took very visible moves to eliminate the highest profile senior people most identified with Twitter’s culture.

He then denied the rumors that he intended to fire three out of every four employees – without providing details about his actual intentions. The combined message is exactly right: Twitter culture is about to change in a significant way. If you’re competent in your job and on board with the shift, we’d be pleased to have you stay. If not, thanks for your past service.


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