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GOP Governor Grrrl Power Owning the Libs


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Kurt Schlichter 

Nov 01, 2022

There is nothing that Democrats hate more than powerful women who are not hideous crones or castrating shrews, especially since castration – particularly of vulnerable minors – has become a key component of the Democrat platform. What’s odd is that in 2022, the Democrats have chosen to run a bunch of women who are pretty much archetypes of liberal harridans – fussy know-it-alls, passive-aggressive HR managers, ancient pinkos, and bitter man-haters. And all of them are abortion nuts, of course.

The GOP went another way, picking candidates who don’t make normal women roll their eyes and normal men snort in derision. The woman-identifying GOP contenders this cycle, particularly those running for governor but also a key Senate candidate, are the opposite of the Democrat stock characters they face. Kari Lake in Arizona, Tudor Dixon in Michigan, Christine Drazan in Oregon, and Senate candidate Tiffany Smiley in Washington all have a solid chance to snuff their Karen competitors in a week, which is proof that Republicans are sexist somehow just like GOP support for Herschel Walker and Tim Scott proves their racism.

Though, we Republicans are ableists. We believe you should be able to do the job you are elected to do, which pin-headed lump-monger John Fetterman is manifestly unable to do. But sexist? In the words of Nigel Tufnel, what’s wrong with being sexy?




Christine Drazan

I have A Thing about Red Heads! 🥰

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