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Jordan B. Peterson Talks to Newt Gingrich (REALLY GOOD STUFF!)


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Jordan B Peterson

Oct .31 2022

— Chapters —

(0:00) Coming Up

(1:34) Intro

(4:25) The Contract with America

(10:26) Main emerging platforms

(15:00) The consequence of a balanced budget

(20:14) Why did the balanced budget vote fail?

(26:15) Managing a vision

(31:26) Splitting the party

(35:40) Donald Trump, changing mindsets

(45:40) Collusion on a new scale, big pictures

(50:00) Demographics push back on woke-ness

(55:35) Immigrants and Conservatism

(59:00) Sacred axioms, the new modern religion

(1:04:12) Boiling eggs by way of the freezer

(1:12:20) Cleverness has replaced wisdom

(1:14:40) The intellectual divide

(1:16:17) Prattling nonsense and living by whim

(1:24:58) Emerging visions

(1:28:46) Meaning is accrued through responsibility

(1:34:35) Rites of passage, emerging as an adult

(1:39:50) What we need to offer

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