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Police in California conduct home raids with redacted search warrants: Report


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The Washington Examiner

Jack Birle, Breaking News Reporter

October 30, 2022 10:32 AM

Police in San Diego County, California, and FBI agents reportedly coordinated to conduct several early-morning raids on homes with redacted search warrants.

The redactions included the location and the people being searched by the warrants, according to a CBS affiliate in San Diego.


Greg Otis, one of the residents affected by the raids, told the local news station more than a dozen officers showed up to his home early in the morning and demanded that he walk out of his home with his hands up. When he asked for a search warrant, they did not present one but said they were looking for his nephew.


Tasha Williamson, a local civil rights activist and former San Diego mayoral candidate, criticized the raids. “You cannot come into people's homes and not provide them a search warrant, Williamson said. "Your handcuffing grandmothers and grandfathers and disheveling their lives and don't tell them anything? Then you don't take anything from the house? That's wrong."


The San Diego Police Department told the station redacted search warrants do not mean officers can show up to any home in the area and that more information about the raids would be shared on Monday.


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