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We Are Proud of the Enemies We Make


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Power Line

John Hinderaker

October 29, 2022

By universal consent, the most powerful force in Minnesota politics is the teachers’ union, Education Minnesota. In my opinion, Education Minnesota is the state’s number one source of evil. My organization, Center of the American Experiment, has been fighting for years to counter the teachers’ union’s malign influence.

We are the only effective challenge to their power. Among other things, we have exposed the fact that the union spends much more money on left-wing politics than on representing its members. We have also exposed the fact that, contrary to myth, Minnesota’s public schools can fairly be described as failing their students.

So Education Minnesota hates us. Yesterday, it sent out this missive to its members and, I suppose, friends and supporters. First the image, then excerpts:


*Education Minnesota is alarmed about the fact that this year, for almost the first time, there are meaningful school board races across the state. Until now, the union has basically appointed the school boards that it has controlled and with which it has “negotiated.” But now, a revolution is under way, led by the Minnesota Parents Alliance.



* I would place a Substantial wager  this applies in many States.  Bold Me


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