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Civil War Cave System Unearthed After Drought In Missouri


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Daily Caller

A Missouri drought has led to a key Civil War cave system being discovered, according to a report published Thursday.

Kevin Bright owns the Smallin Civil War Cave tourist attraction in Ozark, and told the New York Post (NYP) that the drought has allowed his company to discover an additional 1,100 feet of the cave.

“From the earliest time, people have always gathered in the cave,” Bright told the NYP. “It was a gathering place after church on Sundays, where women would receive letters from their relatives.”


Bright said there were at least three Union spies associated with the cave, and that droughts have allowed people to discover new sites.

“It’s common to have droughts throughout history. During the Civil War there was a serious drought in the Ozark,” he explained. “On Monday mornings, the cave was a laundromat. That’s where the ladies would go and they would was their clothes in the opening of the cave.”:snip:

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