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A Declaration of Dissolution: Wisconsin Supreme Court Fires The Starting Gun


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“If elections are conducted outside of the law, the people have not conferred their consent on the government. Such elections are unlawful, and their results are illegitimate.” — Justice Rebecca Grassl Bradley, writing for the Wisconsin Supreme Court majority in Teigen v. Wisconsin Elections Commission

A court of law has finally confirmed it: The 2020 election was “illegitimate.” And all the demands for sufficient evidence of voter fraud to reverse the outcome were a red herring.

The truly dispositive factor, as stated by a Republican Wisconsin state legislator in a March hearing and affirmed in the opinion: “If a vote is cast in an illegal process, it’s an illegal vote!”

The reasons for legislatively enacted absentee ballot protections are clear. Justice Bradley quotes the Wisconsin Legislature’s rationale: “(P)revent the potential for fraud or abuse … overzealous solicitation of absent electors who may prefer not to participate in an election … undue influence on an absent elector … or other similar abuses.”


And that’s exactly what unlawfully relaxed provisions occasioned in Wisconsin:

  • Nearly 3,600 trips by 138 “mules” to drop boxes to traffic 137,551 votes. (Trump lost the state by about 20,000.)
  • Illegal assistance with absentee ballots by nursing home staff to residents, some with dementia.
  • Zuckerbucks” exploiting these changes to “purchase Joe Biden an additional 65,222 votes, without which Donald Trump would have won the state by 44,540 votes.”

But again, per Wisconsin’s Supremes, Donald Trump didn’t have to prove the existence or extent of fraud, only deviation from legislative schemes. Because – nota bene! – the votes’ unlawful nature is the proof.:snip:

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  • Geee changed the title to A Declaration of Dissolution: Wisconsin Supreme Court Fires The Starting Gun
41 minutes ago, Geee said:


  • Nearly 3,600 trips by 138 “mules” to drop boxes to traffic 137,551 votes. (Trump lost the state by about 20,000.)



1. I am NOT saying the 2020 election was stolen. I WILL say I have questions, that almost 2 years later have really been answered. I have been following Presidential election since 1960. There were strange things that happened on the night of Nov. 3 2020, that I have Never Ever seen.

2. Look back to the 2016 election. Donald Trump won, because his campaign concentrated on a few Key states that gave him the Electoral College Vote (So did Clinton, but the Trump campaign did a better job). In 2020 The Biden Campaign/DNC did the same thing. Concentrated their (Not Saying Cheating, maybe Underhanded) efforts on a few (5-6?) states, and today Joe Biden is sitting in the oval office. Covid gave the Presidency to Joe Biden. It should be noted that other than Biden winning the 2020 election was a Disaster for the Democratic Party.  Remember The Blue Tsunami, that was going to Sweep The Nation??

That didn't happen.

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Wisconsin clerks refer 10 new voter fraud cases from 2020 election

Ten criminal voter fraud referrals related to the 2020 election have been made over the past year by local clerks, according to a Wisconsin Elections Commission report.


This brings the total number of voter fraud referrals for the 2020 election up to 22. In the most recent report, however, several referrals were for "multiple elections," meaning that the total number may be higher.

Some cases referred to district attorneys involved a person voting in person and absentee by mail in the 2020 election. Others involved voting in two different states or voter impersonation.

Voting twice is against Wisconsin law, regardless of intent, the Epoch Times reported.

The report also showed that 73 criminal voter fraud referrals were made in 2021 and 2022 for multiple elections.:snip:


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Wisconsin Assembly speaker says Trump called him to overturn 2020 results — 20 months after election

July 20, 2022, 2:47 PM CDT

By Dareh Gregorian and Vaughn Hillyard


"The Wisconsin Supreme Court has just declared the 'Unlock' Boxes, or Ballot 'Stuffing' Boxes, to be ILLEGAL," he wrote in a July 9 post on Truth Social, his social media platform. "It’s now up to Robin Vos to do what everybody knows must be done. We need FAIR and HONEST Elections in our Country."

Vos, Trump continued, "has a decision to make! Does Wisconsin RECLAIM the Electors, turn over the Election to the actual winner (by a lot!), or sit back and do nothing as our Country continues to go to HELL?" 

Vos told WISN that Trump also called him.



Given The Total Biden 306  Trump 232. Not enough to change the out come. WHAT it would is open a HUGE Can Of Worms.


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Wisconsin 2020 investigator privately called decertification a 'practical impossibility'

Abigail Adcox, Breaking News Reporter

August 02, 2022

A Wisconsin lawyer hired by Republican lawmakers to investigate the state's 2020 election results privately shared doubts about the feasibility of decertification while publicly calling for the state to take a "hard look," according to a newly released memo.

Michael Gableman, a former state Supreme Court justice, told Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, a Republican, that while decertification of the 2020 presidential election was "theoretically possible" it raised "substantial constitutional issues."

“While decertification of the 2020 presidential election is theoretically possible, it is unprecedented and raises numerous substantial constitutional issues that would be difficult to resolve. Thus, the legal obstacles to its accomplishment render such an outcome a practical impossibility,” Gableman wrote to Vos in a memo obtained by the Washington Post.


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