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USA Today Removes 23 Articles After Investigation Found Reporter Fabricated Sources


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USA Today removed 23 articles from its website after an internal investigation found that one of its reporters fabricated sources.

USA Today’s breaking news reporter Gabriela Miranda fabricated sources and misappropriated quotes for stories, the news outlet confirmed on Thursday. The outlet conducted an internal audit after receiving an “external correction request” on one of its published stories.


USA Today removed 23 articles written by Miranda for not meeting the outlet’s “editorial standards” after the several-week investigation.

As USA Today explained:

After receiving an external correction request, USA TODAY audited the reporting work of Gabriela Miranda. The audit revealed that some individuals quoted were not affiliated with the organizations claimed and appeared to be fabricated. The existence of other individuals quoted could not be independently verified. In addition, some stories included quotes that should have been credited to others.:snip:

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fabricated sources and misappropriated quotes for stories

Thing is, thee was a time(and Not All The  Long Ago) when this was unthinkable. 

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8 minutes ago, Valin said:


After hours of diligent research I have found the Usa Today's apology


Sorry, I don't have time to read that :P

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