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Record number say US has 'poor' moral values: Poll


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The Washington Examiner

Julia Johnson

June 15, 2022

A record number of people say moral values in the United States are "poor" and getting worse .

According to new data from Gallup, the public perception of morality in America is worse than it's ever been.


Gallup's May 2-22 Values and Beliefs poll

More than 50% of respondents rated the country's moral values as "poor," beating the previous record by only 1 percentage point. Only 1% of respondents rated the country's morality as "excellent," while 12% said it is "good," and 37% said it is "only fair."

A whopping 78% also say the state of moral values in the country is getting worse.


Gallup's May 2-22 Values and Beliefs poll

Although the nation's view of its morality has always been negative — an average of 43% have rated morals in the U.S. as "poor" since 2002 — the number of "poor" ratings is higher than ever before.

Seventy-two percent of Republicans gave the country a "poor" rating, the highest number since the poll began. Democrats were more favorable of the nation's moral values, with only 36% agreeing with the "poor" rating. Forty-four percent of independents also agreed with the characterization.


Gallup's May 2-22 Values and Beliefs poll




June 15 2022

A new Gallup poll shows a record high of Americans rate our morals poor. The crew discusses.


FYI For You who are not citizens of Gumption County


The sound one hears immediately after uttering an incredibly moronic statement and/or a word not in the Garage Logic Lexicon. All FOGHORN-ABLE words are words whose original meanings have been distorted and embraced by mysterians in an attempt to mean something else.

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