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Biden EPA Nominee Demands U.S. Pay 'Climate Reparations'


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Front Page Magazine

Ultraleftist law professor argues the U.S. should compensate Third World countries for being economic losers.

If hating America and capitalism qualify someone for government service, then Biden administration EPA nominee Carlton Waterhouse should be confirmed immediately.

Waterhouse, a law professor, is a supporter of a proposal so radical that it is on the fringes of the environmentalist movement: so-called climate reparations.

His perverse idea is that America needs to be punished for having an advanced economy. In the zero-sum world of leftists, America can only have become wealthy because it hurt other countries and made them poor.

“Climate reparations is really just calling for the equitable redress for the harm that has been caused historically. That’s what it’s about—making amends,” Waterhouse said at the American Climate Leadership Summit in August 2020, according to a YouTube video.

“I think climate reparations are essential and an important part of having an equitable climate vision,” he said in the video in which he argues climate reparations should be paid to communities such as Flint, Michigan, whose environmental problems in reality stem from decades of stifling rule by Democrats.

“I think we have to understand that we’re not able to get to an equitable climate solution if we don’t address the inequities in our society. So ultimately, our environment is just one larger part of the social world in which we live.”:snip:


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