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The GOP is trying to both woo minorities and cancel their votes


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The RNC is using free events to win minority votes, while plotting to disrupt voting in Democrat-heavy areas.

Hayes Brown, MSNBC Opinion Columnist

May 5 2022

The Republican National Committee isn’t leaving anything to chance ahead of this year’s midterm elections. The GOP is running two seemingly disparate plays at the local level, in the hopes of either siphoning voters away from Democrats or blocking Democratic votes from being counted.

Last week The American Prospect reported on the RNC’s latest grassroots initiative — the opening of close to two dozen community centers in cities and rural areas around America. Rather than relying solely on dominating the airwaves, these centers aim to go hyperlocal, popping up mostly in minority localities where residents may believe that Democrats overlooked them or took their votes for granted in 2020:


Meanwhile, according to Politico, the RNC is also training an “army” of poll workers to carry out elections in battleground states such as Michigan. Poll workers are the faces you see when you step into your local elementary school or town hall to vote on Election Day; they're the ones “setting up and preparing the polling location, welcoming voters, verifying voter registrations, and issuing ballots” as the U.S. Election Commission puts it.

Politico reports that according to recordings of an RNC staff-led meeting in Michigan, the GOP plan for these newly recruited poll workers involves “utilizing rules designed to provide political balance among poll workers to install party-trained volunteers prepared to challenge voters at Democratic-majority polling places, developing a website to connect those workers to local lawyers and establishing a network of party-friendly district attorneys who could intervene to block vote counts at certain precincts.”


*But there’s nothing good to be said about reports that Republicans seek to seize control of the voting process, a plan that can’t be disconnected from the distinctly anti-democratic efforts that former President Donald Trump and his acolytes have spent the past two years promoting. A flood of complaints from duly appointed poll workers offers a way to disrupt local elections in Democratic strongholds that could shift the outcome in Senate races in 2022 — and potentially the presidential race in 2024.


* Ever notice they (The Left) Never cite examples from The Real World? Where as The Right can, often with videos? Just something that occurred to me.

Something Dinesh D'Souza recently said (I paraphrase) "Republicans concentrate on the Campaign. Democrats concentrate on The Election. Who collects the ballots, counts the ballots, maintains the voter rolls."

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