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Investigative Issues: What's Old is New Again in Democrats' Stoking of Racial Division


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Real Clear Politics

The Democrats’ current racial narrative echoes another aspect of the party’s unfortunate legacy. The lies they spread about blacks during slavery and Jim Crow were part of a massive disinformation campaign intended to rally white people to their side. They damned blacks in order to manipulate whites. This same dynamic is at work today as party leaders manufacture threats about white supremacists to convince their well-off white liberal base to consider conservatives beyond the pale, as if to say, “You may not agree with everything we do, but you can’t vote for those racist (misogynistic, homophobic, etc.) cretins.”

Just as they denied the basic humanity of African Americans, they now do the same to white Republicans to secure their votes. While conservatives see through these easily disproven lies, so many Americans – especially those who consider themselves among the best and the brightest – embrace them. Like their racist predecessors, they are easily misled by dark emotional appeals.:snip:

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