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NY Times: Fewer Illegal Farmworkers Encourages Innovation, Higher Productivity in Agriculture


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President Donald Trump’s low-migration policies have helped push U.S. farms to invest in a “revolutionary” new generation of labor-saving, wage-enhancing farm robots, according to the New York Times.

Under the headline, “Illegal Immigration Is Down, Changing the Face of California Farms,” the newspaper wrote:

The new demographic reality has sent farmers scrambling to bring in more highly paid foreign workers on temporary guest-worker visas, experiment with automation wherever they can and even replace crops with less labor-intensive alternatives.

“Back in the day, you had people galore,” said Vanessa Quinlan, director of human resources at Sabor Farms

“We are living on borrowed time,” said Dave Puglia, the president of the Western Growers trade association, a major farm lobby in the western United States. “I want half the produce harvest mechanized in 10 years — there’s no other solution,” he told the New York Times.

More automation and more robots mean that American workers and companies can get more work done in less time — and so earn higher wages for themselves and their families.


Even the NY Times admits illegal immigration is bad for farming?

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