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From the Annals of Leftist Hysteria


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Power Line

Steven Hayward

May 23 2022

Remember last year how Georgia’s new voting law was decried in newsrooms and boardrooms from sea to shining sea, and caused Major League Baseball to move the All Star game from Atlanta to Denver? Remember what President Biden said? Pepperidge Farms (and the internet) remembers:


Well that was then, and this is now:



Nice to see the Post refusing to back down from the adjective “controversial” to describe a voting law that is more liberal than the president’s home state of Delaware. Just who made it “controversial”? Partisan leftists, and their dancing bears in newsrooms. Even worse for the left, I’ll bet the surge in early votes in Georgia is overwhelmingly among Republican voters, as we are seeing in other primary states so far. (Rich Lowry has a lot of the details here.)


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