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Conservatives and Republicans need courage to win the culture war


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The Washington Examiner

Christopher Tremoglie, Commentary Fellow

May 22, 2022

Lia Thomas may have graduated from the University of Pennsylvania last Sunday, but the battle against toxic and radical left-wing ideas rages on. The Left is desperate to normalize illogical claims under the guise of equity and equality. They have shown they will do whatever it takes to advance their agendas and do not care whose namesake and reputation they destroy along the way. Victory is far from assured. It will undoubtedly be challenging, but in order to win this culture war, conservatives and Republicans need courage.

One of the most vulnerable groups in this war is female athletes. Lia Thomas caused many to realize the magnitude of the warped thinking by many on the Left. Recent reports of transgender skateboarder Lillian Gallagher winning in the women's Red Bull competition indicate the continued challenges many women face. It is an occurrence that will continue unless enough people start resisting and protesting it. This takes courage, not pacifying complacency or excuses for why no one is doing anything.

"Everyone knows that the reason we separate men and women in certain forms of athletic competition is not because of psychological or emotional differences between men and women but is rather because of biological differences between the sexes," Dr. Robert George of Princeton University told me. "That actually makes the question of who should compete against whom in these types of competition easy: Males should compete again males, females against females."

Dr. George elaborated on the challenges Republicans and conservatives face in the days ahead. He acknowledged the many challenges because of the Left's ability to normalize what is and is not acceptable in society.



How is this for a campaign slogan, Women are Women, Men Are Men. Republicans Know This.

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